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Art events

Art Event #1 & 2

  1. Rite Off-Centre, May 2 & 3, dance concert (double art event)
  2. Since I am a dancer myself, what I will take away from this event is mostly movement oriented although I can see how it may affect my other work. Maybe incorporating dirt and facepaint?
  3. I thought the lighting was well down and the color schemes are definitely something I can see integrated into my designs. Also, the formations and lack there of is a visual I can incorporate.
  4. Since I am familiar with the original piece The Rite Of Spring by Vaslav Nijinsky, I was able to take away a new perspective of the dance.
  5. This performance was not flawed in any way just a little different than what I imagined when Dr. Schaffman was explaining the performance in its early stages. I imagine that it transformed many times since her visit and evolved into a well-performed piece.
  6. I can’t say that I learned anything new about the dance discipline but I did learn how truly talented the CSUSM dance students are.
  7. I absolutely had respect for the artist because I know how difficult it is to put on a show and how much work it is.

Art Event #3

  1. High Tech High art showing at CSUSM gallery, April 11, Art gallery.
  2. For this event I was able to see all aspects of the process. For one of my art classes, a couple of classmates and myself volunteered at High Tech High to mentor the students while they worked on their art as well as help them to put on an art show at our school’s gallery.  I learned a lot throughout this process.
  3. The student’s assignment was to draw comic strips relating to Native American studies. Although I do not have a great knowledge of Native American Studies, I was able to help them develop their ideas through symbols and other drawings.
  4. What changed my view in this event was not necessarily the art itself but the experience of working with the high school students. Having worked with the refugee students from Crawford high school for two semesters, it was interesting to see the differences between the two experiences.
  5. I would have expected the HTH teacher to be a bit more organized and that would have made the process a lot smoother for everyone but in the end the show was a success.
  6. I learned that putting on an art show is hard!
  7. I have a new respect for art teachers especially those who work with high school students because if the students do not have a lot of artistic ability, they are usually not interested.

Art Event #4 & 5

  1. Jewish Food Festival, April 28, Food!!!
  2. I pass by the Shalom Temple almost everyday but have never thought about attending one of their events but I am so glad that I did.
  3. I have a confession to make that since I am a picky eater I was too afraid to try some of the more unfamiliar foods but I did my best.
  4. I thought the atmosphere was fun and inviting. I was a little apprehensive about going because I was afraid I may not fit in or be welcomed but I’m glad I didn’t let that stop me.
  5. The food that I did eat was great and it was so much fun to see my classmates work on display everywhere. She did an amazing job with the design and it represented the event well. It showed me the importance of our work as graphic designers and the acknowledgment that comes with it.
  6. I learned that I should be more open minded when experiencing new cultures because it can be a lot of fun.
  7. I have great respect for the chefs, Amanda, and the patrons that put together the event.

Art Event #6

1.    Art-n-soul, March 28, Art gallery

  1. This event is a memorable one. During my visit to Art-n-soul located in Encinitas, I was able to meet the owner and she told me about her business. It is an art gallery dedicated to local artists.  100% of the profits made from selling the art go back into the community and local charities.
  2. All of the pieces in the store were beautiful in there own right. They specialize in colorful paintings, sculptures, and hand made jewelry as well as re-purposed art.
  3. The concept behind this gallery is something I do not see everyday and is something I would like to incorporate into my life post graduation. Their motto is “Be original. Be Art. Be Community.”
  4. No flaws here but very inspiring.
  5. I learned that art can help benefit a society in different ways than I originally expected. Not only was this gallery giving back to its community but it also supports local artists and brings culture into its atmosphere.
  6. I have so much respect for the work that these volunteers are doing for the art they create.

Art Event #7 & 8

1.  Tracy Weil Feb. 28, guest speaker in Arts 240 and gallery show at CSUSM                    Art Gallery

2.  Tracy Weil is an artist and social change leader. He has many passions         including painting, sculpture, agriculture, and public art. During his lecture         he talked about how being an artist and making a living is possible and the many ways to achieve this.

3. What I appreciated about him the most was his honestly. He broke down his income by showing us a pie chart of where it comes from. Some of it was from website design, another from the tomatoes that he grows and sells and some from his artwork. I found this to be refreshing and relatable. I can picture incorporating many different art outlets into my future instead of relying on a single job for my sole income.

4. This changed the way I look at artists and took away the “poor artists” stereotype that I think our society projects onto us.

5. The only flaw was at the actually art gallery. I wish there was more space to display his work. His used fun bright colors and whimsical characters. His style has a hint of Dr. Seuss in it.

6. I didn’t know that an artist could have so many interest and a so many dreams but still be grounded and considered a professional.

7. Tracy Weil definitely earned my respect and gave me a new out look on art as a profession.

Art Event #9

  1. “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” March 19, Film
  2. Ai Weiwei is a contemporary Chinese artist that is known for his amazing art and daring political statements. During this film, you see his struggle with the Chinese government as well as his passion behind his art.
  3. What I enjoyed about his work was that everything is on such a grand scale. Nothing he does is small or insignificant and always has a message.
  4. His passion for his art and social change was eye opening for me. He was kidnapped and beaten by his own people because of the controversial art he made and displays.
  5. No flaws. I thought the film did a good job of showing all sides of the story.
  6. I came away with a new view of what it means to be an artist. Some artists carry with them the social responsibility to use their art for social good which can be dangerous but also rewarding.
  7. I have a lot of respect for Ai Weiwei and his followers and am now a fan.

Art Event #10

  1. Art and Social Change Project, April 23rd, Art and bookcase dedication for the Veterans Center
  2. For this event, classmates of mine collected used textbooks from students on campus, made art to hide inside of the textbooks, and then put them into a hand painted bookcase that they gave to the veterans center on campus.
  3. I think their use of placing art inside of textbooks is a great way to secretly cheer up someone’ s day and is a great use of art on campus.
  4. I found their dedication to this project to be gracious and contagious. It made me want to do a similar project.
  5. No flaws. They did a great job.
  6. I learned from this event that something does not have to be grandiose to make a big difference.
  7. So much respect for me classmates and the work that they did.

Art Event #11

1.Helvetica Movie, January 28, 2013, movie

2.What did you come away with from the event? (What will you will remember about it?)

I enjoyed this film very much and did not think a documentary about font would be so interesting. I learned a lot about the history of fonts and how one is developed and brought into the typography world.

3.Was there something specific in the work that could affect/influence your own work?

I pay a lot closer attention to fonts now and their origin. In my work, I find myself respecting the text a lot more.

4.Did you discover anything that might change the way you look/think/feel about something?

My outlook on fonts is completely different now that I know the history of typography. It by itself is an art form and the masters that study type are no joke.

5.Was there any flaw in the event that you found noteworthy and can intelligently criticize? (not just, “It sucked!”)

I would not criticize anything about the film because I found it interesting and entertaining.

6.Did you learn something about the discipline that you didn’t know before? (like base cellos are really big instruments)

I learned that even in the typography world there is politics. Which font is king and what style is the most meaningful are all constant conversations in that medium. Bottom line: whatever you like works the best.

7. Did you feel respect for the artist as separate from his or her work?

I see fonts so much differently now and have respect for it enough to not commit any type crimes, ever.